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Go Pack!!!

I'm off for a few days to the land of the cheeseheads, place of my birth. I'll have lots of piggies to post when I return.

three pigs more...





and pigs

and pigs

this is not all of them but it is a solid representation. I'll put up more later.

and pigs

and pigs

I needed to write something on Chicken Pig's sign. Like maybe, "Chicken The Only White Meat" or something like that. I will have to revisit that drawing later..

Pages and pages of pigs

I have been on vacation and very busy with a new job. Therefore I am way behind on posting. I wanted to work on thinking creatively, so I made a little stencil of a pig. The stencil is about 3 inches high, and basically the point of the exercise was to have the pig look very different each time I painted it. This was sooo much fun, I can't stop, I hope you enjoy looking at pigs because I have done a ton of them! I'll just post a few to get started.